Center for Innovation and Policies in Moldova

Given the fact that the main domestic and foreign policy objective of the Government of the Republic of Moldova is the integration of the country in the European Union, CIPM proposes to continue the process of Europeanization and to bring EU’s values and EU achievements closer to Moldovan citizens.

Therefore, CIPM aims to become a strategic hub for the advancement and coordination of key human resources and expertise in the area of European integration of the Republic of Moldova.

The main strategic areas of intervention of the CIPM are:

  • Providing expertise on harmonization of national legislation with the European one and adopting and implementing the European standards;
  •  Encouraging debates on European policies, their impact on Moldovan society as well as the benefits of the European integration;
  • Advocacy for active citizenship, civic engagement and democracy;
  •  Promoting participation and open collaboration in the development of public sector innovations;
  •  Education development, raising awareness, promotion of multiculturalism and combating discrimination;
  • Supporting Moldovan government to improve its effectiveness and impact for peacebuilding and conflict transformation through consultations, research and policy analysis;
  • Research, development and innovation on social, political and economic sciences;
  • Promoting human rights and democratisation in the Republic of Moldova.