Veronica Midari

Co-founder & Board Member

Veronica Midari professional experience started in 2000 with special focus on protection of children’s rights and development of family centered services.

Since 2010, Veronica worked closely with Ministry of Education supporting the ministry in development of policy and strategic documents related to computerization of general education, development of HE autonomy, reorganization of VET system, as well as participating at implementation of action plan for the latest one.

Veronica participated at the development of National Strategy Moldova 2020, Career Relevant Education; development of Strategy for the Development of VET system in Moldova for the years 2013-2020; development of terms of reference for the EU Technical Assistance Project “Support for VET Sector in the Republic of Moldova” and Budget Support Program. She also was involvement in the implementation of the VET reform as part of team of EU Technical Assistance Project “Support for VET Sector in the Republic of Moldova”, mapping of the VET institutions and development of the Action Plan for the reorganization of the VET network; supporting the creation of centers of excellence and assisting them in understanding the newly assigned role; elaboration of the strategy for building the capacity of the Republican Center for Development of Technical Vocational Education; supporting the process of developing National Qualification Framework and development of procedures for Occupational Standards and Qualifications; supporting the Sector Committees in development of Occupational Standards. More recently she was involved in development of some Qualification Standards, assessment of digital competences within VET system, activities of supporting the Sector Committees. Currently she is part of Twinning Project in VET system.

Veronica Midari is doctor of economic sciences, the dissertation paper being focused on adjustment of technical vocational education to the requirements of labor market.