Training: Empowering the policemen to promote rule of law and a culture of lawfulness across the country

Center for Innovation and Policies in Moldova (CIPM) in partnership with Voices for Democracy and Justice Association from Romania ( VeDemJust ) with financial support of the European Union and Promo-LEX Association have organized a training dedicated to 20 policemen on 24th – 25th of May 2020 in Chisinau.

The training has been organized within the project ʺEDUIURIS – Involving policemen in seeding respect for laws for younger generationˮ funded by the European Union and Promo-LEX Association.

During 2 days the international expert Judge PhD Cristi Danilet with the technical support of the senior members of the National Network for Legal Education (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, anticorruption officers) provided 3 training sessions to 20 policemen who joined the network that promotes legal education across the country.

The training sessions focused on the following elements:

  • Equipping the policemen with interactive technical methods on how to provide key knowledge, values, attitudes and behaviours to young people so they can grasp the culture of lawfulness and rule of law.
  • Supporting the policemen to teach young people how to move from ‘learning about’ the rule of law and the different forms of risks of crime to ‘learning to’ act − by grasping the values based on human rights, being empowered to make informed decisions and to ward off threats to the rule of law as well as being able to engage in change processes that support the rule of law in Moldova.

The agenda of the event can be accessed here.

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