Republic of Moldova, among many other countries is struggling to attract new donors and convert them to repeat donors (donors who donate blood at least twice per year are very important both for blood stock forecasting and for better percentage of healthy, usable blood). World Health Organization’s “Global Status Report on Blood Safety and Availability” in 2016 shows Moldova at the bottom of the list with less than 40% repeat donors, while most countries in the European region reported 80% of repeat donors (out of all donors).

CIPM proposes to improve these statistics for Moldova by using available technology. Our main target is the younger population (18-40 years old) which is more likely to use modern devices and social networks, while also having greater chances of providing safe, usable blood.  The broader motivation is to foster a blood donation culture in R. Moldova, as effective as in more developed countries, so that in the future the number of people dying or suffering because of lack of blood available for transfusions is minimized.

Our solution is an interface between blood donors and donation centers that allows bi-directional communication, reminders and other notifications targeting specific donors. The project has 3 components:  a web-based application, called Mobile Donor Interface, a mobile app – eDrop app – and the marketplace, where companies can target blood donors with exclusive offers in order to promote social responsibility.

In order to make sure our project will be a success, we will place a lot of focus on coordinating and organizing consultation meetings with donation centers across the country. The mobile app is going to be promoted using both online and offline tools.

The project team is made up of: Ludmila Stuparu (Project Manager), Iulia Onoicenco (Social Responsibility Officer) and Lucian Stuparu (Full Stack Developer).

Please find here the full presentation of the project.

For more details about this project please contact Ludmila Stuparu, project coordinator: