Radu Moldovanu



Professional Master 2 in «Public Law. History Theory and Practice of Human Rights» Diploma of Master`s Degree, Grenoble University; Master in «International Organizations and Human Rights Protection» University of Lyon; «International Law on Human Rights» Certificate of Master`s Degree University of Lyon

Professional experience:

Radu is Co-founder&Board member and Executive Director of Center for Innovation and Policies in Moldova. He has experience in development and implementation of policies, strategies, action plans, road maps, methodologies and legal documents in the field of education. Prior to CIPM, Radu has covered the role of National Legal Expert within the following projects: (1) “Structural Reform in Vocational Education and Training” funded by Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ); (2) EU Project “Support for VET Sector in the Republic of Moldova” funded by EuropeAid, (3) “Support to Strengthen Policy Management Capacity” etc.

Areas of expertise:
– Association Agreement between R. Moldova and the EU;
– Educational reform;
– Anticorruption and good governance;