Ludmila Stuparu

Project Manager & European Affairs Expert


Ludmila has obtained a bachelor degree in political sciences and a master of science degree in security and diplomacy studies. Her master thesis subject was “EU approach on justice reform and anticorruption policies in the Republic of Moldova” and analyzed the legal, institutional and political efforts in the field of anticorruption as well as the impact of the EU on the development of reforms in justice and anticorruption sectors in the Republic of Moldova. During her professional experience at Romanian Center for European Policies, Ludmila has become increasingly interested in European development policy and official development assistance policies of the EU member states. Thus, she decided to pursue a PhD degree in development and cooperation domain and now she is PhD candidate at The Graduate Institute in Geneva. Ludmila’s doctoral thesis is focused on the impact of European official development assistance on state-building and consolidation of the democratic state of the Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine.

Professional experience:

One of Ludmila’s core interests lies within the topic of good governance and rule of law, both in the Republic of Moldova and Romania. Over the last five years Ludmila either coordinated or assisted in development projects covering the following areas: justice reform and fight against corruption in R. Moldova and Romania, implementation of the Association Agreement between the EU and R. Moldova, legal education in Romania, mass-media pluralism and civic engagement.

Ludmila has gained extensive experience covering roles of Researcher, Programs Coordinator and Executive Director subsequently, within Romanian Center for European Policies and Moldovan Branch of Romanian Center for European Policies. On 1st November 2016, Ludmila has joined the Center for Innovation and Policies in Moldova, providing European affairs expertise on projects funded by European and international entities.

Areas of expertise:
– Assurance of quality of education;
– Development cooperation and human rights;
– Anticorruption and good governance;
– Legal Education in schools;