Ion Gonța

Public Policies & Education Program Coordinator

Over the last sevenbyears, Ion Gonta has been working in the Education sector, being involved in keybpolicy processes for the VET and higher education sectors, promoting strategic andbhigh impact policy reforms.

He also participated in the essential developmentof a new sectoral strategy that introduced rules on transparency and social responsibility, has played an important role in the activities which have reduced fraud and improved the quality of education, including the revision of the baccalaureate exams and the reform of the financial mechanisms of VET institutions.

His experience as a consultant in the Education sector helped him build a better understanding of how the system currently works, of the crucial role of professional and higher education for the national economy and foreign investors, of issues encountered by the sector and things that must be done.

Ion Gonta has been involved in developing a social dialogue platform concept for VET provision, promoting the dialogue between social partners (sector committees) and businesses, and relevant stakeholders. He also possesses experience in collaborating with various teams of national and international experts in delivering ex-ante evaluations of public policy proposals for different sectors.