Policy Report: Integration of human rights issues in European development cooperation policy

Through its development and cooperation policy, the European Union (EU) has committed to becoming a global promoter of human rights. Since its inception, the EU has begun considerable efforts to incorporate the principles of respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms, as well as the values of democracy and the rule of law, both in foreign policy and in the European Union's development cooperation policy.

Through this initiative, the European Union wants to export its democratic values to the partner countries and to play an active role in "developing and consolidating democracy and the rule of law as well as respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms", as set out in the Treaty of Maastricht.

This study "Integration of human rights issues in European development cooperation policy" has proposed to analyze the integration of human rights issues into the field of development cooperation and how they have brought changes in the EU approach to developing countries receiving external assistance from the EU.
For this purpose, it was analyzed the primary legislation of the European Union, namely the constitution treaties, to see how the EU has been reported on human rights issues both inside and outside the EU. The study has also analyzed the EU approach regarding human rights in the Republic of Moldova.

The full report can be accessed here.

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Author:Ludmila Stuparu
Date:July 17, 2017
Topics:Human Rights, EU

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