Benefits of European standards for Moldovan economy

Within the  the project “Enhancing the role of civil society, academia and SMEs from Eastern Partnership countries in the implementation of European standards”, Center for Innovation and Policies in Moldova (CIPM) in partnership with Institute for Standardization in Moldova (ISM) have organized an information campaign at Center for Excellence in Energy and Electronics in Chisinau on 18th of September 2017. The campaign aims to inform the younger generations regarding the benefits of the EU standards for a sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Thus, CIPM and ISM representatives discussed with students from Center for Excellence in Energy and Electronics about the advantages of the EU standards for Moldovan economy. Within this event, the project team disseminated brochures and flyers about the benefits of the EU standards and presented technical information regarding the status of our country in adopting EU standards. In addition, the project team showed a ppt presentation about the mission of the ISM to adopt international and European standards versus the GOST standards.

The topics debated with students were:
(1) priority areas for European standardization
(2) the involvement of Moldova in development of new standards
(3) performance measurement of implementation of the EU standards by Moldova.

Students from CEEE were very active and launched a very interesting debate about the EU standards versus GOST standards in Moldova. Some of the questions addressed by students to the speaker were: How many standards should be adopted by Moldova until 2020? Is Moldova part of the European Committee for Standardization? As a businessperson, can I create my own standard? Are the European standards free for universities? etc.
Feedback provided by the students towards the information campaigns was very encouraging. They pointed out that Moldova should adopt as soon as possible the EU standards in order to increase its visibility on the European market. Aurica Butnari – Development Manager within Institute for Standardization of Moldova– had a speech about the perspectives of young people to have a career in the business sector and the necessity to adopt the EU standards for guaranteed success in this field.

The full presentation in Romanian can be found here.

For more details about the project, please get in touch with the Project Manager – Ludmila Stuparu

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