EU standards boosting economic integration

Center for Innovation and Policies in Moldova in partnership with Georgia’s Reforms Associates, Strategic and Security Studies Group in Kiyv and Institute for Standardization of Moldova have organized the EaP regional conference: EU standards boosting economic integration on 23rd of October 2017 in Chisinau.

The conference gathered representatives of SMEs, academia, civil society, Government and national standardization institutions from the EaP countries: Moldova, Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Belarus, approaching strategies on how to facilitate the implementation of European standards in order to access the European Single Market.

Within the plenary session, the executive director of CIPM, Radu Moldovanu mentioned that “the cooperation and trust between our countries and the EU are the key elements that facilitate a sustainable and smooth economic growth”.

Mrs. Renata Vitez – EU High Level Adviser on Economy and Trade in the context of DCFTA – had addressed to present SMEs encouraging them  to put up efforts for internationalization as a means for further development, as there is no other alternative for our current context. Moreover, Mrs. Vitez has statd that “Moldova is now entering a challenging phase of DCFTA implementation where the recently adopted legislation will have to be “translated” into the economy. The success will vitally depend on cooperation between responsible authorities and the private sector”.

Within the presentation session the research team has presented the main findings of the comparative study “EU standards velocity within EaP countries. Evaluation of the progress and challenges in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine” and presented useful recommendations for civil society on how to involve in promoting the advantages of the implementation of European standards among local SMEs.

The second part of the event was a workshop that focused on developing strategies and recommendations for all stakeholders involved in adoption as well as the implementation of the European standards. Prior to this, the Head of the Institute for Standardization in Moldova presented the guide “Facilitating transition to European standards in the EaP countries”. Within this workshop, the delegations from EaP countries had some interventions approaching the next steps in approximation of EU technical regulations in order to provide a framework for local SMEs to explore European market.

The agenda of the event can be accessed here.

For more details about the project, please get in touch with the Project Manager – Ludmila Stuparu

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